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tv   [untitled]    June 27, 2013 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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that. i apologize, i didn't watch the tape of the meeting but i certainly agree with that intent. >> it seems there is consensus on that, colleagues, i see no -- supervisor kim. >> since i wasn't able to watch the budget committee meeting either, what is the full list of the other newspapers? i definitely support world journal and [speaker not understood]. i know they have wide readership and it certainly has really high penetration rates among the chinese reading community. but i'm curious as to what the other newspapers were. >> i could answer that, supervisor mar, it is that happen okay. >> [speaker not understood]. >> [speaker not understood], san francisco bayview, the western addition, potrero view, and el repatero. >> thank you. any other comments, colleagues? supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. it's more of a question or point of clarification. we're going to be voting on a list of publications today. will there be another opportunity in the future to add to this list or is this it?
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>> madam clerk? >> through the chair to supervisor cohen, today would be the day that you should add the additional publications for us to -- we're actually going to be begin very quickly, very soon, next week. >> i also want to make sure you have the bayview newspaper on that list, san francisco bayview. >> yes. >> they're here. >> great. what with about the san francisco post? ~ >> i do not have any information on the san francisco post. if there is a member of the department from oca here who can speak to whether or not they actually applied for the competitive process. >> okay. i don't want to prolong the vote, so -- >> okay. >> so, you don't want to prolong the vote? >> i don't want to prolong the vote so -- as long as the bayview newspaper is on there, that's fine. thank you.
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>> so, colleagues, we have the amendments proposed by president chiu, supervisor avalos, and then supervisor breed. supervisor breed? >> just for clarity, we are adding all of the other newspapers that were listed that we discussed in budget and finance committee in addition to what's already been submitted before us for approval. okay, thank you. >> thank you. supervisor avalos? >> so, thank you, colleague. i did ~ didn't want to open up pandora's box. didn't know what would happen, wasn't so bad. i do think we're going to be adding these newspapers to the list, we should be looking at augmenting the budget. that $21,000 we spent during the current year will be sufficient to cover all of these. that's a trade-off. and then also to realize that more than anything, we can be providing a subsidy for these
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newspapers because i'm not sure this has been an adequate method of doing outreach or it's actually a method of outreach is actually engaging the public. we can actually continue with the survey the next six months to determine what the outcomes of our outreach are through that process. but i would support then if we're adding newspapers, augmenting the budget and we'll work with your office to make that happen. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. through the chair, i will provide you a copy of the ordinance that we are submitting today. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, supervisor mar. so, just to clarify, maybe i can make a new motion to include all the papers that were not only current on the list, but the papers that i mentioned as well which included the full list from our budget and finance committee, if we can add those to the list on item 19, so i'll make that motion. >> okay. that's a friendly amendment to supervisor chiu's -- >> yes, i'm happy to have that be part of the motion that i made. >> and the seconder is okay with that? okay. so, colleagues, on the amendments by president chiu as
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amended, can we take that same house same call? thank you. [gavel] >> and now on the item itself, can we take that same house same call without objection? thank you. [gavel] >> as amended. mr. president, we have item 18 before us still. >> okay. colleagues, can we take item 18 same house same call? without objection, that resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> why don't we go to our mous, item 20. >> item 20 is an ordinance adopting and implementing amendment number 1 to the 2012 through 14 collective bargaining agreement between the city and the sheriff's managers and supervisors association implementing specified term and conditions of employment for fiscal year 2013 through 14. a colleagues, can we do this same house same call? this ordinance is passed in the first reading. [gavel] >> item 21. >> item 21 is an ordinance adopting amendment number 1 [speaker not understood] between the city and the deputy
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sheriff apartments association by implementing specified terms of employment for fiscal year 2013 through 14. ~ >> colleagues, same house same call? this ordinance is passed in the first reading. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 22 is an ordinance adopting and implementing amendment number 1 through the 2012-14 bargaining agreement between the city and the service employees international union local 10 to 1. >> colleagues, same house same call? this ordinance is passed on the first read. [gavel] >> time 23. >> item 23, ordinance fixing [speaker not understood] compensation subject to the provisions of the charter section a8 4 09 and job codes not represented by an employee organization and establishing working schedules and conditions of employment and methods of payment effective july 1st, 2013. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house same call? this ordinance is passed on the first read. [gavel] >> next item. >> item 24 is an ordinance amending the zoning map [speaker not understood] from public to urban mixed use and making environmental findings ~ >> colleagues, same house same
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call? this ordinance is passed on the first read. [gavel] >> madam clerk, can you call items 25 and 26 having to do with see aquae? ~ c-e-q-a? >> item 25 is [speaker not understood]. revisions in the california environmental quality act and to update and clarify certain procedures, appeals, and public noticing requirements. pardon me, mr. chair. item 26 is an ordinance amending administrative code chapter 31 to provide for appeals under the c-e-q-a act to the board of supervisors of environmental impact reports, negative declarations, exemption determinations, and determinations on modified projects to clarify and update existing procedures. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, mr. president. after many, many public hearings, these items are now at the full board of supervisors. at the last land use committee hearing we had discussed
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amendments to item 26 which is the legislation that i have authored and president chiu, you outlined several amendments which over time supportive. and i think at this point those amendments are still in process and, so, i move to continue both items 25 and 26 to our next meeting, which i believe is july 9. >> july 9th. >> supervisor wiener has made a motion to continue these items to two weeks to the ninth. is there a second to that? seconded by supervisor kim. supervisor wiener, any other comments? supervisor kim. >> thank you. actually, i just want to clarify items 26 and 27 that we will be making a motion to continue. >> actually 25 and 26. >> i must have an old agenda. >> mr. president, we did revise the agenda, so, that accounts for the issue.
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>> my apologies. i must have printed out the agenda last week when it first came out. i'm sorry, items 25 and 26. >> that's correct. >> and wanted to support that motion to continue. want to acknowledge our co-sponsor that may not have been engaged with us at the land use committee, supervisor campos, avalos, mar and yee and really happy with the direction that both legislationses are moving in. i think we're certainly coming into a single document that addresses many of our concerns. of course, it is a compromise and i'm happy to see that we are moving forward with this and look forward to the final document in two weeks. >> thank you. and i want to thank my colleagues on the land use committee for all their work. i think at this point we've had 11 public meetings on this topic and hopefully we'll be resolving this soon. but with that, colleagues, on the motion to continue, can we take that without objection? without objection, this item will be continued to july the ninth, these two items will be continued to the ninth. [gavel] >> colleagues, we do have one 2:30 special commendation which is actually mine, and i'd like to move to that for a few
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minutes. and i'd like to invite up to the podium susan wong. ms. wong, are you able to join us at the podium? colleagues, i am really delighted to present this commendation to a woman who has truly exemplified bravery and courage. and you know that during these 2:30 special commendationses we have a lot of superlatives that we provide to the men and women who we honor. but those qualities of courage and bravery are accolades that i do not give lightly. susan wong is a brave woman who helped the city successfully capture and convict four suspects in the so-called chinese busing scam case. you may have read in the newspapers that there had been so-called busing scams or ghost scams that have occurred for the past year in san francisco
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and in cities around the world. there have been seniors within the chinese community who have been targeted by scamers who claim to ward off evil spirits by making blessings of residents money and jewelry and then run off with valuables. and in san francisco, an estimated $1.5 million of money and property have been stolen. some of you may have seen a few weeks ago there was a cover story by the sf weekly that described how mrs. wong saved the day. she was one of a number of people who were approached by a group of scamers at the alemeny farmers market. she remembered the public 1740ses she heard about the scams. she went to ingleside police station to make the report and the police were able on hader information to intercept the scamers as they were in the process of running off with another senior's life savings of $47,000. because of mrs. wong's information and her courage, the district attorney's office became the first da's office in
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the country to successfully prosecute this type of fraud. i want to thank the da's office, da gas cone and i and others. we have kicked off a public awareness campaign to make sure that future victims of these scams are minimized. but, of course, and i really want to thank and be grateful for the collaboration between the police department organizations, i guess of state, sf safe, district attorney's office , my office to raise awareness to help future mrs. wong's protect themselves and put an end to these scams. but today i'd like to take a moment and commend mrs. wong for your bravery, for thinking quickly on your feet, and for standing up for yourself and for countless others who have been targeted by these scams. before i ask mrs. wong to accept this award, i'd like to ask representative from our da's office mike sullivan to say a few words and also make a presentation. >> thank you, supervisor. the district attorney is
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unavailable today because he's testifying in sacramento on some key legislation, so, i'm privilege today present this award on behalf of him. i had the privilege of prosecuting the case. we took it to trial and i should say as a prosecutor you should be benefited by witnesses like this that come forward. the only thing i would add to the fact, supervisor, once mrs. wong had been targeted by these criminals, she went to ingleside station and not only did she report the crime immediately, but she was also willing and acted as a dee coy at the alemeny farmers market and san francisco police department did an outstanding job in doing surveillance around her, waited for the criminals to return, and it was during that surveillance that they were able to identify this other victim and retrieve her life savings after it had been stolen from her, approximately $50,000. with that said, the district attorney's office and on behalf of the people, we'd like to recognize ms. wong as a community hero. thank you. >> thank you.
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and, mrs. wong, is there anything that you'd like to add? [speaking through interpreter] >> dear madams and sisters -- >> bring the mic closer so we can hear both of you. >> how are you? she said my name is susan wong and i did what any good citizen and good samaritan would do. something that we should all do.
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i know that a lot of elderly people work hard for their money and they save only a little bit. and let the tricksters take all their money. and it's a very hurtful situation for them. and she feels really bad for them. so, she really wants to tell them that if you don't know these people and they come to you and they talk to you about money and jewelry and gold, then they're not good people and you shouldn't talk to them. and you shouldn't believe them. and you should find a way to talk to the police and call them.
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these people that -- heartless, heartless, heartless tricksters , to bring them to justice. thank you. (applause) >> thank you.
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>> madam clerk, could you please call the -- call items 27 through 29? >> items 27 through 39 are from the land use and he economic development committee without
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recommendation. item -- these are the items that are associated with the california pacific medical center cathedral hill campus. item 27 is the ordinance amending the general plan van ness area plan in order to facilitate the development of a high density medical center at the transit nexus of van ness avenue and geary boulevard and affecting various elements of use and adopting findings. item 28, ordinance amending the general plan map of the urban design element and van ness design plan for the california [speaker not understood]. item 29 is the ordinance amending the general plan maps of the urban design element for the california pacific medical center. ~ >> thank you. president chiu? >> thank you, mr. chair. colleagues, i am very excited that we are finally considering the final development agreement and related approvals for the cpmc project. a lot has been said about this project. i'm going to be very brief, but after years of discussion and months of negotiations this historic health care project
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will ensure our hospitals get their rebuilds done right and to ensure that san francisco has a health care system ready for the 21st century. in addition to ensuring that two critical cpmc hospitals are rebuilt and seismically safe, this project will not only address major health care and local hiring needs throughout the city, but transportation and specific needs in the immediate vicinity of these two hospitals. i want to take another moment to thank the entire village that worked on this for the last couple of years, from my colleagues supervisors campos and farrell to immediate -- mediator lou girardo, [speaker not understood], ken rich, his incredible work the last few years, our attorneys that spent many months drafting the agreements we have no froth of us. i want to take a moment and thank cpmc of course for their engagement with the city over the years ~ and look forward to our future partnership as we move forward.
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and then last but certainly not least, i want to thank every member of the community that participated in countless meetings on this topic to provide feedback to the board of supervisors and to all of us in how we do this moving forward. we had these items at land use last week. we made a number of amendments responsive to issues that we had heard over the last few months related to the proposed development agreement. i do think at this time i do hope that we can move this forward with full support from this board and, again, just want to thank everyone who has ben engaged in this. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, supervisor mar. and to echo some of president chiu's comments, colleagues, i'm very excited that we are here today to approve the cpmc project. obviously it's been a long road to get here today and much has been said before. so, i will similarly be brief, but i think overall san francisco is the envy of many other cities not only in our state but across the country. now we have two brand-new
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hospitals to add to that list. i want to thank, as president chiu did, certainly the team from cpmc, i know there is a team here and everyone played a big role. in particular, i want to thank mr. co-hill, dr. browner for all of their work. it's good to see you again. it's been a number of months after we spent every waking hour together a few months. but thank you to cpmc team. colleagues, to all of your support during the process. in particular, president chiu and supervisor campos for their great leadership. i want to thank in particular on the mayor's side ken rich for all of his work, quarterbacking this process through city hall. we would not be here today without ken. and last and certainly not least, lou girardo who made such an incredible impact on this process and certainly i would say we would definitely not be here today without his help and support and we owe him a debt of gratitude not only the board but is the citizens of san francisco.
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i hope everyone supports this today. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you, mr. president. without repeating what's been said, ditto with respect to the kudos to all of the players, the mayor's office, ken rich, board of supervisors, my two colleagues supervisors chiu and farrell, and the team from cpmc sutter. you know, my experience with this project leads me to believe that anything really is possible. i think the fact that we were able to come to a point in this deal where we have all of the diverse players that have been involved for so many years on the same page supporting this project i think is a testament that san francisco is a city that can get things done. and there are so many different people who are responsible for
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it and, you know, i think my two colleagues and i have a little bit of sutter cpmc withdrawal because we haven't seen this team for a while. it's good to see dr. co-hill here and dr. bronner and their team. the coalition that has been working on this for so many years also deserve a great deal of credit. especially to the residents in my district that have been fighting to make sure that we have a world class hospital at st. luke's. i'm very appreciative. and finally lou girardo, i don't think we can say enough about how you made this happen and we are eternally grateful. and i think that not only the city today, but the future generations will have a great deal of gratitude to you and to everyone who has been here working to make this happen. so, let's approve this and let's get the construction
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started. thank you. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much, everyone. happy to be one of the -- to be voting for this piece of legislation today. i, too, want to add my voice to thanking the many parties that have been involved with this deal the last year. i believe that at this additional time that the involvement of lou girardo made the city and the project better and a joy to work with. one particular item that i want to give some voice to that i have been working with with the mayor's office as well as cpmc and various other members of the community, the issue of the management of the work force dollars associated with this deal. i know the project remits a significant number of opportunities for both construction as well as permanent jobs, recognizing the importance of this component to this projerk we doubled the contribution of cpmc to work
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force development programs from what was originally proposed to be $2 million to $4 million. additionally, we've also allocated the majority of these funds to the san francisco foundation to manage. and the san francisco foundation has graciously accepted this responsibility and is currently managing the community benefit fund associated with the hunters point shipyard project and has proved to be helpful working with groups to develop strategies to maximize these particular investments. and it's with the san francisco foundation's partnership that i think many of us are confident that they will be able to lend a similar amount of technical assistance to -- technical assistance for strategic advice on the use of these work force dollars which is actually extremely critical. there are a few many questions and issues that i heard from the community members between today and yesterday and last week, and i just want to give a
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little voice to them. they're centered around ensuring that the san francisco foundation will work collaboratively with the committee members on outlining goals for the use of these funds to ensure that they are reaching the targeted population that need work force training the most. and i just want to briefly go down these bullet points. also, in addition in response to these concerns that i've heard both from myself and president chiu as well as supervisor mar, we will be sending a letter to the foundation outlining our goals of the funds and the goal of the fund is actually detailed in four bullets. it's first assisting the city as well as the project and meeting its work force goals, providing employment opportunities for the he economickally disadvantaged individuals ~, two, creating a pipeline for qualified residents to take advantage of both entry level and higher level jobs, job opportunities associated with this problem -- excuse me, associated with this project.
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third, evaluate strategies for investment that have a broad range of public and private partners who have the capacity to provide work force development. and finally, utilizing some sort of a community advisory body to help shape the san francisco foundation use of funds. so, again, i just want to thank all the many people that have been a part of this, the community members that came out and advocated, members of the city staff who have worked tirelessly to improve the project. and, again, i'm pleased to support today. thank you very much. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you, president chiu. i just want to congratulate all the parties that worked on this agreement who came together and great progress moving this thing forward. i especially want to thank colleagues, president chiu, david campos, supervisor campos, supervisor mark farrell
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for your work, for taking positions and making them work. it was really exciting to see that we were able to move the project that seemed unmovable at one point, had a lot of agreement across the city. i want to thank cpmc for your flexibility in helping to make this happen as well. it's quite significant that you want to be a long-term provider of health care in san francisco. you want to make a commitment to this city to make it happen and you've done so by being flexible in this agreement. so, thank you very much. i also want to echo and want to thank supervisor cohen for her comments about making sure we have an accountability measure around our work force. they're actually not just submitting a commitment financially, but also providing oversight for making sure our work force programs are going to be effective and we havize and ears on the community for that process. ~ eyes [speaker not understood] commitment on paper, but having a body that provides oversight will help ensure we are moving forward on t. so, i want to thank you for your work with the community to make that happen.
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and lastly, i want to thank the community for coming together and for being persistent in your effort. we had to do organizing to make sure we get an agreement that works so well for various parts of san francisco. it's that public process that i think is unique in san francisco, in this case it played out very, very well to [speaker not understood] that is going to be supportable by all the board here. so, congratulations on your great work. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to thank supervisor cohen for working with the grassroots groups, the communities united to close the health care work force grape and others on this. the project's moved a long way from only 40 end use jobs i think it was proposed to a strong commitment to 40% local hiring. i think it's wise to ensure that 3 million of the 4 million committed to work force go to the san francisco foundation. i'm really grateful of james head from the sf foundation working with supervisor cohen and president chiu and others to maximize the community benefits by getting as many
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people from our neighborhoods to work as possible. i also just wanted to give a shout out to ace, the alliance of california community for empowerment, [speaker not understood] and many others that were committed from the get go to support the strongest possible local hiring process. i also want to just say that i'm very appreciative of ken rich and oecd for looking at strengthening the community benefit, but i want to do my best to give the highest shout out to the community-based grassroots coalition of housing, tenderloin and cathedral hill, labor, and grassroots community organizations for their work to make sure that this is a project that we can all be proud of. thank you. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i won't repeat what my colleagues have said already, but i do appreciate all the work and effort that's gone
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into this. i know that we've had in-depth discussions and i know that i've also expressed my concerns about the work force piece and what that truly means and how it's spelled out in the agreement. i'm very appreciative of, but more importantly i'm appreciative of the accountability piece that supervisor cohen is proposing so that we make sure that those who need these jobs the most have the ability to be trained appropriately and prepared for not just the short-term construction jobs, but also the long-term jobs that are available. and i just had one -- well, we haven't gotten to that part of the deal. you didn't call item number 39, did you? >> we need to vote on the general plan changes first before we call the rest of the items. >> okay. should we wait to comment or ask questions about those items at that time, right? >> you know what we could do, madam clerk, we could call all those item as longs as we cast the first votes on